Christ Our Life 2016 Teacher Parish Ed Gr 2

Review C H A P T E R Building Family Faith 1 8 ALL CREATION speaks of God’s love, beauty, and goodness, but human beings have a special relationship with God. Each one of us is made in the image of God, and we are called to do our part to take proper care of the world God has entrusted to us. REFLECT “Notice the ravens: they do not sow or reap; they have neither storehouse nor barn, yet God feeds them. How much more important are you than birds!” (Luke 12:24) DISCUSS AS A FAMILY • How has God taken care of you in your life? • What are some typical ways that people take care of one another in our family? PRAY Thank you, Lord, for all your gifts. DO • At family mealtimes this week, ask each person to tell one thing he or she is grateful for. • Show gratitude for creation by picking up litter. • Help your child see that everyone is created in the image of God by performing a kind act, such as offering to help a neighbor with a chore. • Read a story or poem that evokes an appreciation for nature. Each Person Is a Special Gift God made everybody. God loves everybody, too. Circle each person God made and loves. We Remember How did God make us? God made us in the image and likeness of himself. We can think, choose, and love. What is the Trinity? The Trinity is God. God is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Word to Know Trinity We Respond How wonderful are your gifts. They are more than I can count. adapted from Psalm 40:6 Visit formore familyresources. Chapter 1   Enriching the Faith Experience Use the following activities to enrich a lesson or to replace an activity with one that better meets the needs of your class. For additional enrichment ideas, such as preparing for the Sunday Scripture readings or using activities on the Christ Our Life Web site, see page T408. For activities related to the liturgical season, see Special Seasons and Lessons, which begin on page T299. 1. BLM 2 Use BLM 2 Window of Love to help lead the children to a greater appreciation of the gifts of creation. 2. Talk about things the children can do with their senses. ✦ ✦ God has given us eyes to see. What do you like to look at? ✦ ✦ God has given us ears to hear. What do you like to hear? ✦ ✦ God has given us touch so that we can feel things. What do you like to touch and feel? ✦ ✦ God has given us a nose to smell. What smells good to you? ✦ ✦ God has given us taste to enjoy food. What do you like to eat? 3. In connection with Sharing #12, place a picture of an angel above the Ladder of Creation. ✦ ✦ God made some creatures who are his special helpers. What do we call them? (angels) ✦ ✦ The angels are beautiful creatures who adore God in heaven. Angels can also do some of the things we do. What are some of these things? (They can think, choose, and love.) Angels take care of us. ✦ ✦ The Bible tells us that God made us a little like the angels. We are special people who share God’s life. 4. Make a class booklet with drawings of good things God has given us. Let each child contribute one page. Have someone design a cover for the booklet and write on it the title “God Fills My Life with Good Things.” 5. Have the children decorate a large box in which to collect supplies for an animal shelter. Consider placing the box at the church entrance. God’s Creation 6. Ask the children to think about and then share ways they can give someone the gift of themselves today. List suggestions on the board. Ask the children to choose from the list one way they can give themselves and the person to whom they will offer that gift. Allow time for them to write this on a sheet of paper, fold it up, and put it somewhere safe. Once they have done what they indicated, they can dispose of the paper. Life and Dignity 7. Start a Good News box by covering a small box with a lid and labeling it with the words Good News . Each week, have the children think of one or two important things they have learned. These might be taken from We Remember and We Respond or might be expressed in the children’s own words. Write them on cards, place them in the box, and use them for review the following week. 8. Invite a veterinarian or wildlife rescuer to the class to talk about how to care for animals. God’s Creation God Is the Giver of Gifts  CHAPTER 1 T11